our SNUG places

The SNUG methodology will be applied and validated in 3
real-life buildings, across 3 different European countries and climates, encompassing both retrofitting and new construction projects. These use cases will showcase the significance of SNUG’s solutions in helping builders and architects to select optimal thermal insulation materials, exemplifying how to drive sustainability in the construction industry.

What we aim
to demonstrate

How we will do it

A two-level approach

Large-scale mock-up tests


Ahead of the real-life demonstrators deployment, the University of Stuttgart and Østfold University College will conduct large-scale mock-up tests to evaluate the developed thermal insulation materials under different conditions.

These tests will expose the materials to varying temperatures and humidity levels, providing researchers with valuable insights into their thermal insulation capabilities, mechanical properties, durability and dimensional stability.

Real-life buildings


Our real-life demonstrators will take place in buildings with diverse uses and distributed across different climate zones.

Energy efficiency, carbon footprint, indoor comfort and structure durability will be quantified through continuous monitoring and analysis to assess the success of the SNUG methodology in achieving the ZEB standards as well as its replicability potential. The collected data will be compared to equivalent sections of the same buildings either 1) without any solutions implemented or 2) with market solutions employing traditional methodologies implemented.